Nj man charged with sending threatening Facebook messages

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HAMILTON, Nj-new jersey (WCAU) - A fresh Jersey man is accused of sending threatening messages on Facebook to several young adults across his home state. Craig Wyatt Jr., 20, was arrested through the Nj State Police Technology Investigations Unit Cheap Jay Cutler Jersey. Investigators say charges are pending from nearly two dozen police force agencies. Wyatt told his victims that they a few weeks left to live, in order that they should spend their time wisely, according to investigators Cheap Drew Brees Jersey. The investigation to the Facebook threats started to unfold in July, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified the modern Jersey State Police that a person going by the name Jimmy Raketerra sent a threatening message to your juvenile from Browns Mills. On August 3rd state police detectives were contacted through the Voorhees Township Police Department for help with four separate juvenile victims receiving threats via Facebook. A bulletin was sent to innovative Jersey Police officers agencies to discover if there were other victims Cheap Eli Manning Jersey. 21 public safety officers located victims, some adult females, who said they had been threatened through the same person. Detectives identified Wyatt as being the suspect. They interviewed Wyatt at his home on September 20th. Investigators say Wyatt admitted to using multiple Facebook accounts, email addresses and phone numbers to speak regarding his victims. Wyatt is arrested for multiple counts of terroristic threats, theft of services and harassment Cheap Elite Nike NFL Jerseys. He could be from the Atlantic County Jail on $35,000 bail. NFL

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