John Cena, a diehard Patriots fan, named Jets' honorary captain

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It may not be everyday that a pro wrestler gets the possiblity to really do the New York Jets' honorary captain to get a game. Even stranger, it's not everyday that a longtime New England Patriots fan offers the honor New York Giants #10. But who's to argue with WWE superstar John Cena NFL? The Massachusetts native and Patriots fan come in handle of leading the J-E-T-S chant during Sunday's game from the Gambling. The WWE confirmed Cena's temporary captainship on Twitter, plus the move comes months ahead of the WWE's Super Bowl -- Wrestlemania -- is scheduled to take place at MetLife Stadium. But is that this just further promotion for any guy who's seen a lot of face time on Subway commercials or would be the Jets buying little of the Patriots' success to rub down about them Cheap Aaron Rodgers Jersey? In the end, the Patriots are among the early Super Bowl favorites at 3-2 while the Jets are an injury-riddled 2-3. No matter the Jets' motivation, it will be interesting to view how the Big apple faithful answer Cena's one-day proper diagnosis of Gang Green -- thankfully, it is not cold enough for just a Nj-new jersey snowball storm on Sunday Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys. Cheap NFL Jerseys

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