Hurricane Sandy Nj shares preparations, early brushes while using the storm on social media

31. října 2012 v 7:49 | Cheap Jerseys, Cheap NFL Jerseys, Cheap nike nfl jerseys
New Jersey residents spent the weekend get yourself ready for Hurricane Sandy, and some aspects of nys are already seeing the effects of what can be quite a historic storm .Cheap Drew Brees Jersey. Preparations ranged from mandatory evacuations ordered by Gov .Cheap Michael Vick Jersey. Christie for portions of the Jersey Shore to residents be prepared for long power outages by cleaning shelves of water, batteries and bread .Cheap NFL Jerseys. New Jersey's utility companies also were preparing for a tremendous number of power outages. People looked to social media marketing to report bare shelves in grocery stores along with the early connection between the storm inside their communities, including strong winds and even flooding in some Shore towns .Cheap Matt Schaub Jersey. Below can be a sampling of what Nj residents were reporting on web 2 .Cheap Tony Romo Jersey. 0 about Hurricane Sandy.

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