Green Bay Packers receivers insist they're open

12. října 2012 v 2:55 | news articles
There has been a lot of blame thrown around for Green Bay's uneven passing game. The offensive line is the biggest issue. Aaron Rodgers is not quite playing up to his usual standard and has sometimes held on to the ball too long.

We've also read that the wide receivers haven't been as open because they are getting jammed at the line of scrimmage. The Packers receivers disagree with that assessment.
"They are coming up and pressing us, but it's nothing that we haven't beat," James Jones said via FoxSportsWisconsin. "We've beat every coverage out here. There's a lot of stuff out there that you want to say when you're losing, which is arguable when you're losing. ...
"It hurts pride-wise when you hear the outsiders saying the receivers and stuff are getting jammed up. We work hard during the week and the offseason for people to say that. Especially if it's not happening. If it was happening, I would take it as a man and say, `Yeah, we're getting beat up.' It's not really happening."
Donald Driver is no longer a factor and Greg Jennings has been injured, so the group isn't as deep as it could be. Jennings agrees with Jones, however, that the receivers aren't fault.
"There's been a lot of talk of the separation and it's frustrating to listen to when you watch film and it's like, 'OK, was that separation? Or was that separation?' So, the separation has been there, we just haven't been executing."
Translation: Whatever is going on up front, don't pin it on us.

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