Bucs Q&A Why did team wear dark throwback jerseys in heat

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Have a question concerning the Bucs .Cheap Larry Fitzgerald Jersey? Tribune reporters Roy Cummings and Ira Kaufman will answer it. Send your question now .Arizona Cardinals #4. Q: I am aware of the throwback day with the orange jerseys, but why didn't the Bucs wear the white throwback jerseys to get the Saints of their black jerseys? It was hot with out a cloud on the horizon .Cheap Alex Smith Jersey. Also a few Saint fans around me had to take their black jerseys off because of the heat .Cheap NFL Jerseys. - Gooze, Tampa A: I'm sure for a undeniable fact that the Bucs believe the orange jerseys are usually in keeping with the actual spirit of the throwback celebration. Are you aware that Saints wearing black jerseys, I really don't believe they would have made that much of your difference. The Bucs lost as a result of self-inflicted mistakes. Until they eliminate those it's not going to matter what jersey they or anybody else wears .Minnesota Vikings #7.

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