Max Starks keeps returning to spotlight for Steelers

3. září 2012 v 3:51 | news articles
If the Pittsburgh Steelers had their way, Max Starks would be ancient history by now.
They've made several attempts to slide him out of the picture in recent years, but each time Starks re-emerges. He's the Jason Voorhees of Pittsburgh's offensive line. Unkillable.
Starks rehabbed back from a torn ACL, got re-signed in July, then beat out rookie Mike Adamsdespite the team's public proclamation that Adams was the franchise's future at left tackle. For the second straight year, he's playing a premium position while earning the league minimum.
"I never felt unwanted," Starks said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I never looked at it as being unwanted. I realize it's a business, and a lot of people make decisions. You can't affect those decisions, you can either let those decisions confuse you and use it as a crutch to say, 'Oh, they're picking on me, they don't like me, why do they do this and why do they do that?'
"Me, I just said there's an opportunity to get better at something else while I have the opportunity. I think I've constantly proven that. I have a work ethic and I know I have value, if not here then in the league in general. It just so happens, I've played for the same team."
The Steelers might not show Starks much respect, but they need him more than ever. Adams' struggles and David DeCastro's serious knee injury have blown up the Steelers' makeover plans on the line.
If Pittsburgh wants to keep Ben Roethlisberger healthy, Starks will need to earn every penny of that league minimum.

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