Browns' Ventrone: Ravens played dirty on offense

29. září 2012 v 2:55 | news articles
The return of game officials went off without a hitch on Thursday night, but one Cleveland Brownsplayer believes the refs missed some unsavory behavior by the Baltimore Ravens.
"I know that they were playing dirty on offense," safety Ray Ventrone said Friday, via The Associated Press. "Watch the film, man. There was some dirty stuff going on."
The Browns put up a nice effort in rainy Baltimore, staying in the game until the final play of a 23-16 loss. Ventrone didn't get into specifics, saying only that the Ravens' offense was taking part in "extracurricular stuff."
"There was just stuff that was happening after the play, during the play," said Ventrone. "There was some unnecessary stuff that was happening to our defensive backs most specifically."
"No one was hurt by any of the stuff," he went on. "Thank God. But I think there were some cheap shots for sure."
We assume there's "extracurricular stuff" going on every NFL game, but Vertone apparently believes a line was crossed. Off to Game Rewind!

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