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The Detroit Lions finally finish their playoff drought through an impressive 10-6 run last year. However, these were completely outclassed from the New Orleans Saints inside the opening round of the playoffs. New Orleans routed the Lions, 45-28. The Lions are hoping they can capitalize for their regular season success this past year and truly build something special continue. What are the Lions want to do is consentrate on winning the NFC North and acquire home field in the playoffs Ray Lewis Jersey. Here i will discuss the Lions' big additions and subtractions, as well as a breakdown of these biggest needs heading to the draft.Additions:CB Jacob LaceyDE Everette BrownSubtractions:CB Eric WrightOLB Bobby CarpenterTop 5 Needs:1. CornerbackStarting corner Eric Wright thought we would proceed and sign with all the Gambling within the offseason, but his presence will not be missed as he played poorly for the Lions this past year NFL. Detroit was able to sign free agent Jacob Lacey, but he really isn't a huge upgrade over Wright. The Lions need to use their first-round draft pick on a player with the secondary, whether it be at corner or safety. The Lions could go after South Carolina's Stephon Gilmore if he falls in their mind within the first round, or they may gamble on Janoris Jenkins of North Alabama.2. Strong SafetyIn the 2010 NFL draft, Amari Spievey was drafted within the third round with the intention of starting him at strong safety Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys. However, he has been a massive bust, playing horribly in the first 2 seasons while using the Lions. The Lions want to happen is good for Mark Barron to fall in their eyes at No. 23, which may allow them to move Spievey to his holistic position of corner. The protection class is quite thin this coming year, so the only option the team has at safety is to draft Barron.3 Cheap Tennessee Titans Jerseys. CenterThe Lions need to finally do away with center Dominic Raiola, as he is getting up there in age, and the man wasn't anything good firstly.4. Running BackThe Lions have two solid backs in Jahvid Best and Kevin Smith; however, have struggled with injuries for quite a while now. Best's best option around the field is usually as an expert who are able to catch passes from the backfield. If your Lions will be able to add more depth only at that position, then they can build a good-stronger offense from an already-dangerous one.5 Tom Brady Jersey. Offensive TackleIf it weren't for your re-signing of Jeff Backus, this could be the Lions' top priority. Since it is, the team now has more glaring holes to fill, and this also has stopped being an instant need. Backus does turn 35 in September, so if he suffers an important injury, then this team is screwed. If the Lions need to keep move closer to an excellent Bowl, chances are they'll must keep add players who are able to protect their starting quarterback, the fragile Matthew Stafford.

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